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Sage Advice: Overheard at the Brooklyn Half

I was waiting in the massive line for one of the porta-potties at the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon when a 40-something woman gets in the line next to me, about ten feet back, with her two friends. In her classic New Yawk accent and with a loud voice that just ripped through the air she says: “You need to find the line that has the most guys in it. That one goes fastest.” I smirked and rolled my eyes.

There must be something to her wisdom, though. They made it to the front way before I did. Though one of the ladies must have been stuck with a rather gnarly porta-potty judging by the look on her face when she came out.


First Step – Spring Cleaning

I actually have a few weeks left before I am officially unemployed. So before I really jump into my new running schedule, I took some time to organize the drawer of all the running gear I’ve acquired over the years. I took the winter clothes out and put them into storage in the closet (I think we’re pretty much in the clear with the weather by now). I’m left with some interesting fashion choices in shorts and singlets. Those bright orange New Balance shorts? Yikes. Let’s just say I must have bought those at a Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale thinking I got a great deal – but I actually ended up buying something no one else wanted. I’ll have to make these work for the summer, even if I’m less-than-stylish out there. If you see a guy in bright orange running shorts, say hi. It’s probably me.