Unemployment + More Training = Superhero?

When I told a running buddy of mine that I got laid off, his response was “wow, how trendy of you.” Yes, it’s an unfortunate trend these days, but many are looking at the positive side. There has been a lot of buzz lately about unemployment and increased levels of fitness. Take this recent article from The Wall Street Journal and this response to it from Runner’s World. Unemployed runners are picking up the pace and, as some studies argue, are making races more competitive.

I can certainly relate. My new focus on my training has made me a stronger runner, but I have yet to see a significant improvement in my race times. If I manage to qualify for Boston this year, I will report it here first.

I will also let you know if I turn into Superman or the Flash anytime soon.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] I made one more step toward becoming an unemployed running superhero today (see also previous posts Unemployment + More Training = Superhero? and Maaaybe getting a little faster). Finally, after three months of focused training I finished a […]


  2. […] the training behind me to do it. What can I then say about all those months of focused training, of becoming one of those unemployed runners apparently creating stiffer competition, if I didn’t do as well as I had hoped I would? Well this is why I’m still proud of my […]


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