LIC Detour: The NEW Gantry Plaza State Park

For my long run today I decided to include a loop of Roosevelt Island and on my way back to Brooklyn I realized how close I was to the brand new expansion of the Gantry Plaza State Park along the waterfront in Long Island City in Queens. Since I was already running south on Vernon Boulevard I just took a right somewhere around 46th Avenue, then ran south on 5th Street for a block or two and once I got to the park did a quick trot around to see the sights. The promenade provides great views of Manhattan and the park’s design is stylish and contemporary. Adirondack chairs, lounge chairs and even orange hammocks are included in the park in case you just want to lay back and enjoy the sun. They even rehabilitated the famous Pepsi-Cola sign and moved it a little bit north allowing for more room in this section of the park (and it looks like there are plans to extend the path as well, but currently it is fenced off).

The promenade is very short right now – if my Garmin Forerunner 205 can be trusted I logged only about four tenths of a mile – so it won’t really work as the only destination for your next run. But if you are running through the area you should definitely make a detour to check it out. They even have a couple brand new water fountains to help keep you hydrated.

Gantry Plaza State Park
For more information, you can visit the State’s website by clicking here.


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