First Month Roundup

We’re already a few days into August, which means July is now over and so is my first month of unemployment. While I’ve kept myself busy with plenty of projects (RUNemployed being one of them), I make sure to keep running near the top of my list of priorities. And I know I’m not the only one (look back at my post from a couple weeks ago, Unemployment + More Training = Superhero?).

So I’ve spent the past month running five days a week – being on a training plan for the NYC Marathon helps keep me focused – and I feel great about it. Last year at this time I was just getting started with marathon training, but this year I have a really solid month of preparation already on these legs. The other two days should probably be rest days but I’ve started to do some light swimming, which I just picked up again after a 2-year hiatus from the pool.

(Oh, and here’s a little unemployment/recession-friendly tip: check out your local city parks recreation center to see if they have a pool or a gym. I paid something like $75 for an entire year’s membership. So, okay, you don’t get the fancy stuff that comes with private gyms – no towel service, no saunas, no sun deck – and I deal with a crowded pool no matter what time I go, but I think it’s worth the price. For those in New York City, click here for information on local Recreation Centers and membership details. )

So here’s the really crazy part – my total mileage for June 2009 was 51 miles. In July 2009 I ran 115 miles. If my math is right, that’s a 125% increase. I know that this is a fast jump but I feel good about the quality of my runs and I am staying injury free.

There we have it: a full month has passed. The luster of “funemployment” might have faded a bit, revealing a brand new set of stresses in life, but I still cherish the fact that I can truly take advantage of the time I have to get out there and explore my city, all while keeping fit.


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