Second Month Roundup

September is here and that means that we are staring Fall right in the face. There are only a few days left to wear white acceptably and even the weather in New York is quickly shifting from summer humidity to cool autumn air. And I noticed on my run this evening just how much shorter the days have already become while I watched the sun set over the Central Park Reservoir as early as 7:30 p.m.

It also means that Month 2 of my RUNemployment has come to a close. I look back on a summer with strange weather that made fun outings difficult and an economy that made those same plans nearly impossible. The job search is still going on for me and at least there are a couple of prospects, but I am very eager to see this job market start to repair itself. For my sake and for anyone else who might be in the same position.

Hey – where’s that silver lining? Oh, yes, my training. Focus on my training remained very strong during August and I finished the month logging a total of 170.4 miles. I’m in a place where I already feel prepared for the NYC Marathon and I still have a few more weeks of training to get me in an even better position. Two months to go and I’m very ready.

But if I learned anything in August, there’s this one light-bulb moment I had. So usually I prefer to run alone because it gives you time to think, reflect and work through some ideas. You can also run when and where you want at whatever pace you want. But this one realization I had from last month is that running with friends is unbeatable quality time. Obvious, right? But it’s recession friendly, too: in this expensive city where socializing often means drinks and dinners, a long run with a friend is a cheap and healthy way to catch up. Example: I just finished a great 19 miler with my friend and teammate Kevin early on Monday morning. It gave us time to talk about what we did over the weekend, about what’s happening next week and how much we both like this new grape flavored Gatorade. (I’m also admitting publicly here that he is faster than me, and that pushed me to run at a speedier pace than I might have done solo. So, thanks, Kev.) We had social time that was better than a day of exchanging emails and, as a bonus, it cost far less than an evening of multiple glasses of bourbon and ginger ale.

And that’s what I take away from Month 2. Running and racing can be a great way to challenge yourself, but in this age of impersonal socializing through Facebook and Twitter, running with a friend is a terrific way to really connect with others.


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  1. Running is the new surfing! Sounds like a great training month, congrats. Running’s also a great way to network. If you join a team or a charity you’ll meet a bunch of people who consider a fast marathon time as a job qualification!


    • I completely agree. Joining a team is a great way to get to know people with a similar interest. Joining my team was one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent years – my teammates have been part a support network that provides solid focus on my training. And not only can you connect professionally through a team or charity, but socially too.


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