I was so excited when I got up this morning and remembered that today was going to be a rest day for me with nothing actually planned. I was thinking that maybe at some point today I’d buy a tub of ice cream and catch up on my Netflix queue – and that would be about as productive as I’d get. But after about an hour of enjoying my morning coffee, checking emails and watching the morning news, I noticed the cover of the latest issue of Runner’s World, still untouched, sitting on my desk.

Make the Most
Of Your Days Off

I flipped to Alyssa Shaffer’s article on page 47 and read it over a bowl of Lucky Charms. Along with eating properly and getting enough sleep, the article advises the exact opposite of what I wanted to do today. Instead of having a lazy day with a bag of chips, it is recommended that you take in some light exercise. Guilt got to me and I could no longer justify sitting around watching TV all day. I have the time to get out there, after all. So I ended up taking a trip to the pool (which just reopened after being closed for two weeks) for an easy half-mile swim. And as a bonus, I was rewarded with a fairly empty lane, which is one of the benefits of swimming mid-day. I’m glad I went in the end, but out of guilt? I’ll call my mother if I want a healthy dose of that.


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