I’ve been running for more than half my life. From years of cross country in high school to dabbling in triathlons a few years ago and finally tackling the marathon distance last year, running has long been a significant part of who I am – ranging from mere hobby to minor obsession.

Earlier this year, in a turn of events that is all too common these days, I lost my job in a large round of layoffs. So, while I look for the next position, I am taking advantage of my flexible schedule to focus on my training. Here I write about the challenges of being out of work in this economy while hopefully finding some humor in the situation. I also write about this new phenomenon of increased levels of fitness in the unemployed runner – people who suddenly have more time to devote to their training. You’ll find the occasional race report and every now and then I will take some time to explore new running routes in New York and find out more about local history, posting here to share – kind of like a running travel guide. I have the time to learn something new and I love that I can take advantage of it!

So, armed with a pair of shoes, my trusty Garmin and a MetroCard, I am turning a lost job into something positive. I’m not unemployed – I’m RUNemployed!


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  1. Posted by Jen on June 12, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    I like your attitude!


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