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I Heart my SPIbelt

For some reason I was in a huge rush to get back to the office at last year’s ING NYC Marathon expo, so I couldn’t really tell you much about what was there. I had only a few minutes to take a quick look around on my way out and the one thing that convinced me to stop was the SPIbelt booth. The salespeople described this little thing with such efficiency that three minutes later (and with a wallet that was suddenly $20 lighter), I was the proud owner of a new SPIbelt. My marathon shorts had no pockets for gels and this was going to be a lifesaver.

So what is a SPIbelt? Here’s how their website describes it:

SPIbelt™ (the “small personal item belt”), the sleek, expandable, and secure fitness, running, and travel belt–and it won’t bounce, no matter how long or hard your workout. Our customers use our fitness belts to hold any of the following: an iPod™ or Zune™, or Blackberry or cell phone, keys, up to 5 GU™ packs, insulin supplies, money cards, wallets, and more

It’s essentially a simple expandable zippered pocket that buckles around your mid-section. I was really glad to have it at last year’s marathon. My SPIbelt resurfaced a few months ago when I started exploring the city a little more and began carrying more things with me. It holds my iPhone (which I use to take pictures and record voice memos for RUNemployed, in addition to bailing me out if I get lost), MetroCard, debit card, ID, a few bucks and a gel or two. It holds everything I need and sits securely enough that I often forget it’s there. And if we’re talking about style, it lays flat and is easily hidden for a sleeker look.

Some of what I carry in my SPIbelt

They come in many colors and in a few versions – including one with two pockets and another that claims to be water-resistant. Pink camo, anyone? You can get that too. Visit the SPIbelt website to view all their products or to place an order.